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Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Style With Amber and Yellow Lens Kits

Upgrade Your Vehicle's Style With Amber and Yellow Lens Kits

Transform your FNG 3 Series Pod Lights into a robust warning system with this Amber Lens Kit. These lenses block out the harmful blue light that causes eye strain and may increase the risk of mood disorders like bipolar disorder or age-related macular degeneration.

The Amber and selective Yellow lens colors maximize visibility in fog and rain by blocking blue frequencies that reflect off water vapor and decrease vision. Choose between Amber to match your turn signals or Selective Yellow for more daytime visibility to oncoming traffic.

D3 Lights

The D3 Driving Lights are built upon a decade of DENALI innovation and offer the highest-performing 36-watt street-legal driving lights on the market. Featuring a signature TriOptic(tm) beam system with both a spot and hybrid driving lens included in each pod, the D3 is ECE and SAE compliant as a street-legal high-beam in North America and European Union countries.

D3 is ideal for driving within the city and town because it provides higher rev boosting power for low speeds, helping your vehicle respond quickly in traffic situations. However, using D3 on the highway is not recommended because it creates unnecessary wear to your car’s transmission.

It’s also recommended to avoid using D3 when driving over an uphill incline or hauling a trailer, as it can increase fuel consumption. But when used in specific conditions, D3 can improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. By shifting to D3, you can activate engine braking, which can help reduce the strain on your car’s regular brakes when going downhill.

As a result, D3 can be used as an alternative to the emergency brake when experiencing problems with your brakes. It enables your car to utilize the engine’s energy instead of applying regular braking pressure, allowing you to get safely and quickly back to the speed limit. To make the most of your DENALI Electronics lights, it’s essential to understand the functionality of each mode to maximize your car’s performance in every driving situation.

Amber Lamin-X

In addition to the incredible aesthetic these tinted fog light lenses provide, they protect your OEM fog lights from rock chips and hazing. They come as a kit of two pre-cut 12 mil Lamin-X protective films that fit perfectly over the factory fog lens. You can choose from various tint shades, including Tint, Gun Smoke, Green, Amber, and Yellow. Individuals can also purchase the universal-sized sheets of protective film in these tint levels and others if they want to cover other parts of their vehicle beyond the fog.

This is an excellent option for those wanting to add color to their fog lights without breaking the bank. The tint isn’t as intense as the Xenon Depot H16 Yellow bulbs, but it still gives your fog lights a nice yellow look.

KC HiLites offers a few different amber options that can be used with LED or halogen lights. These tinted lens kits are a great way to increase your visibility in foggy, snowy, and rainy conditions by blocking the blue frequencies that reflect off water vapor and decrease visibility. This is an excellent upgrade for those who frequently drive in these conditions.

These amber-tinted lenses are a good choice for those looking to add a more custom look to their fog lights. They are available with KC’s LED and halogen fog light kits, as well as their pods and light bars. They also offer a transparent version for those who prefer the original look or would like to use them with their aftermarket lights. You can also find these lenses in a wide range of colors for law enforcement lights and other special-purpose vehicles. Upgrade your vehicle with amber and yellow lens kits. Save money now with exclusive deals on Saving Gain Coupons.

Cali Raised

Founded in the summer of 2014, Cali Raised LED was born passionate about providing off-road enthusiasts and truck owners with high-quality lighting solutions and accessories. The company has since expanded its lineup of products to include auxiliary lighting, vehicle armor, and more. Their commitment to excellence has earned them a solid reputation for success among off-roaders nationwide.

Cali Raised LED’s flagship product is the Stealth Front Bumper, a low-profile bumper designed to mount up to a 12,000lb winch. The bumper features a unique design that focuses on strength rather than style. The company’s engineers have optimized the use of materials, making them thicker where needed and thinner where possible to keep the overall weight down.

The Stealth Front Bumper also comes with a 32″ LED light bar. The lights feature a clear lens but shine Amber when turned on. It’s an excellent option for those looking to enhance their nighttime visibility in foggy or rainy conditions. The LEDs are mounted in a diecast aluminum housing, and the entire unit is waterproof.

Another popular product from Cali Raised LED is the TriOptic lens kit for D2 lights. This versatile LED upgrade includes two spot lenses and two floods, allowing you to customize your lights. Choose from Amber to match your OEM turn signals or selective yellow for enhanced daytime visibility in fog and rain by blocking blue frequencies that reflect off water vapor and decrease visibility. It includes a plug-and-play single-leg wiring harness with a standard switch attached and mounting brackets. To save a tremendous amount of money on every bike’s accessories, use DENALI Electronics Promotion Codes.

KC HiLites

KC HiLites has been an offroad lighting company in the business since 1970. Their lights are race-tested and adventure-ready to help you navigate your off-road journeys safely.

Their PRO6 LED Light Bar is a great way to illuminate your ride and see what is ahead of you on the trails or even at a show. It comes with a blackout cover to protect other drivers and yourself from getting pulled over for having too bright headlights. It also has a 5000K pure white color, so you can see what is in front of you.

The KC HiLITE Gravity G4 Series Universal Mount Fog Light Pair Pack System # 495 is designed to fit your Ford Bronco and add significantly more light output than the factory fog lights on most vehicles. It is street legal and has a dual mode SAE and ECE (Europe) approved design. Its lower settings are more yellow/Amber, while higher ones are more white.

These fog lights are designed to be an excellent supplement to your high beams, and they can pick out rocks, potholes, or deer that might not be visible with the high beams alone. They have a rectangular-shaped light pattern that can reach farther down the road than your regular headlights.

Founder Peter Kim Brown discovered the need for off-road vehicle lights while camping in Parker, Arizona, in the early ’60s. He retrofitted aircraft landing bulbs into sturdy housings, and KC HiLITE was born. The brand now has a presence all over the world. It’s based in Williams, Arizona, and is still family-owned. It’s a shining star in the off-road lighting industry. If you want the best lights for your vehicle at a reasonable price, use the Automotive Discount Code.

Diode Dynamics

If you’re looking for a premium LED fog light with maximum functionality, compact size, and a proper beam pattern all in one package, look no further than the Diode Dynamics SS3s. These lights are engineered and manufactured in the USA, using high-quality materials and processes that ensure superior performance and durability.

They come with a round bezel for a clean, factory-style appearance. Their patented FineLine optics are designed for optimal light distribution and focus, with a productive output that shines downrange at up to 80 degrees. They’re available in a Cool White or Selective Yellow output color, and the optional Combo lens combines a flood optic with a driving optic to provide maximum coverage for any road condition.

The SS3s use a high-efficiency LED that produces more light per watt than any other 3″ fog light on the market. They also feature a rear heat sink and powder-coated aluminum construction to help them withstand the elements. These lights also feature a patented “smart” circuitry that allows them to stay fully lit even after the vehicle’s turn signals are turned off. It uses a series of resistors to draw power from the turn signal circuit and replicate the current draw of the factory bulbs.

These SS3s are easy to mount, and the vehicle mount kit makes aiming the lights very simple if you follow the instructions closely. The aiming pins are located on the top and bottom of the pod, so you can seek them in any direction without disassembling them. They’re also easily interchangeable by removing four T10 Torx screws, making it easy to change the optic and light color or replace a damaged lens.


If you want to upgrade your vehicle’s style, consider purchasing an Amber and Yellow Lens Kit. Not only will it give your car a fresh, new look, but it can also improve your driving experience in low-light conditions. And the best part? You can save money on your purchase using a coupon code from Saving Gain. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your vehicle’s appearance and functionality while keeping extra cash in your pocket. Order your Amber and Yellow Lens Kit today!

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