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Top Must-Have Automotive Accessories for Every Car Owner

Top Must-Have Automotive Accessories for Every Car Owner

Whether you have a brand-new vehicle or an older one, you can add car accessories to make it more personalized and convenient. Some gadgets also enhance safety or help during road trips.

For example, a life-saving tool with seat belt cutting and window-breaking capability can save you in an emergency. Another useful tool that can tell you when your tires are low is a tire pressure gauge.

Portable Jump Starter

The jump starter is a useful gadget to keep in the trunk of your car, and it eliminates the need to flag down another driver with jumper cables when your engine dies. The device consists of a powerful battery with two leads that come out the side — a red positive lead and a black negative lead. You simply clamp the leads to your battery terminals (you’ll probably want to read the manual to see how best to do this). Then, you turn on the portable jump starter and crank your engine.

There are several portable jump starters available from many different manufacturers. Salerno advises drivers to consider factors like durability and estimated frequency of use when determining the best option for them. He also recommends checking for extra features, like air compressor functionality or USB charge ports, before making a final purchase decision.

If you’re looking for a “Goldilocks” portable jump starter, look no further than the HULKMAN Alpha 85. It boasts 2000 peak amps and a 20,000 mAh battery that can start even huge gasoline engines. Plus, it has the power to recharge itself in about an hour and a half — making it almost foolproof to use. Among other features, it has a flashlight and DC 12V plug that can power accessories like a separate air compressor. You’ll be able to find this model and more at your nearest NAPA AutoCare Center or online at NAPA Online.

Front Fog Lamps

Adding front fog lamps to your car is an essential accessory if you live in an area with frequent fog and rain. They help you drive in such conditions without having to switch off your regular headlights, which can blind other drivers on the road. Fog lights are specifically designed with a low beam pattern that aims at the ground and avoids reflecting off water vapor or fog.

Fog lamps are not only useful in pea-souper conditions but also work well in drizzle or heavy rain. In addition to enhancing your visibility, the lights illuminate the area that you’re turning into, which helps you see what’s around the corner. Additionally, this feature lets other drivers know that you are there, which is especially crucial for safety when driving on snowy or icy roads.

A dash cam that records any incidents while driving is one of the additional automobile accessories that increase comfort and convenience for the driver. It can be handy for insurance claim settlements and as evidence in court. You can also get a head-up display to show your speed on the dashboard, which is helpful for older cars with broken or inaccurate speedometers.

Although some people believe that earplugs only offer protection from very loud sounds, research has shown that any level of noise can damage your hearing over time. For this reason, it is important to wear earplugs as frequently as possible to protect your hearing. Find exclusive deals on high-quality DENALI ElectronicsCoupon available on our website.

Car Cover

Whether you’re just commuting to work or heading out for a weekend adventure, you don’t want anything unpleasant to happen on your drive. There are a variety of car accessories available to improve your ride’s comfort, safety, and security, but one that every driver needs is a high-quality car cover.

Car covers are designed to pamper your vehicle by keeping dust, debris, and dings away from its paint job. They also help prevent UV rays from fading and cracking internal plastic parts, and they can protect vinyl and convertible tops from disintegrating. They can even act as a deterrent against theft, as potential thieves may be discouraged by the presence of your covered vehicle.

Some car cover features include mirror pockets that can accommodate your side mirrors and a breathable fabric construction that helps prevent moisture buildup underneath the cover. Others come with grommets for tie-downs, which can prevent the car cover from being blown away by strong winds or gusts. Some covers also come with a free cable and lock set to prevent theft and have elastic hems that allow the car cover to fit snugly over your vehicle’s front or back bumper.

Regardless of the type of car you own, a high-quality car cover is essential for keeping your vehicle looking newer and longer. The friendly staff at DeMontrond Auto Country in Conroe, TX, loves helping people find the right automotive accessories for their vehicles.


In addition to being a classic style accessory, gloves help drivers protect their hands from cold steering wheels and icy windshields. Additionally, they create a barrier of protection between the driver and the jagged hand brake and car controls. If you’re looking for an inexpensive but functional pair of driving gloves, check out these by Alepo. They’re made from genuine sheepskin leather and feature a soft cashmere interior that keeps the hands warm in winter. These are touchscreen compatible, meaning you can use your phone without having to remove the gloves.

Disposable mechanics gloves are cheap and easy to use, but they don’t offer as much protection against oil, grime, and unique grease-cleaning products as reusable black mechanics gloves. If you want your gloves to withstand the harsh chemicals present in automotive fluids, look for materials that are designed to last, such as nitrile, vinyl, or neoprene butyl.

While most people prefer full-fingered driving gloves, some drivers prefer fingerless versions. The thin, elastic fabric in these gloves allows the fingers to move freely and provides the driver with more flexibility when gripping a steering wheel. To help the driver maintain a better grip on the wheel, they also have anti-slide surfaces. Enhance your driving experience with Automotive Discount Code available on our website.

Bottle Jack

Whether you’re working under your car or just doing some DIY maintenance, having the right tool for the job is key. That’s where a bottle jack comes in handy. Bottle jacks are typically used for trucks, SUVs, and other heavy vehicles because they can lift them to a much higher height than regular floor jacks.

They also have wider bases, which makes them better for stabilizing your vehicle when lifting it. Some of them even have a safety bar that locks in place to prevent accidents during use. While they aren’t meant for securing your car in place (you should always use jack stands), some bottle jacks come with a jack stand that makes the combination perfect for more efficient work under your vehicle.

One of the best models out there is the Black Alltrade 640912, which has a combo of both a bottle jack and a jack stand. The jack stand has an integrated safety lock and extra-wide base, making it a top choice for stability when raising your vehicle for work. The bottle jack itself is durable and has a 6-ton capacity with heat-treated stress areas.

While a bottle jack is good for high-clearance vehicles if you’re doing a lot of at-home bodywork, a floor jack may be a better option because it’s easier to maneuver under a sedan. But if you do need a bottle jack, make sure to pick one that has a wide base and a textured saddle to prevent slipping during use.

Towing Chain

The towing chain is an essential car accessory that provides a safety connection between a trailer and its towing vehicle. It needs to be connected to the towing vehicle’s bumper or trailer hitch receiver by crisscrossing beneath the trailer tongue. It must be rated with a tensile strength suitable for towing and have a working load limit that indicates how much it can safely carry before becoming damaged. It should also have a finish that is appropriate for towing such as hot-dipped galvanization or stainless steel.

While some car owners opt for aesthetic enhancements like rims, a unique paint job, and shiny lights, many others are interested in adding functional features to their vehicles. A vacuum cleaner is a practical car accessory that can help drivers keep their vehicles clean and tidy. It helps remove pet hair and dander, food particles, and other debris from seats, carpets, and upholstery.

Another useful accessory is a smartphone mount for a car’s dashboard. This item will help keep a driver’s eyes on the road instead of on their phone. It holds phones of all shapes and sizes and can rotate to allow the driver to use the device in either landscape or portrait mode. It is ideal for keeping important documents, maps, and more within reach when driving. It’s also a great way to protect the screen from accidental scratches, scrapes, and other damage.


Every automobile owner should have a few accessories to improve their driving experience. A good GPS, a reliable dash camera, a set of jumper cables, and a tire pressure gauge are just a few examples. These accessories can help keep you safe on the road, protect your car from damage, and make your driving more enjoyable overall. Consider investing in these must-have accessories to get the most out of your vehicle.

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