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Mira Safety CM-7M Military Gas Mask and Filter


 Having tried and tested many gas masks in the past, I can say that the Mira Safety Cm-7m Military Gas Mask And Filter is by far the most comfortable one I’ve used. It’s also a great value and offers very good quality.

CM-7M Military Gas Mask

CM-7M Military Gas Mask is a full-face respirator designed to work with both breathing apparatus and helmets. It’s made of military-grade materials and is designed to provide comprehensive protection against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) agents. It also features a comfortable hypoallergenic construction. It also regulates the flow of inhaled air and minimizes carbon dioxide content.

This tactical mask has been developed in conjunction with Czech Army specialists to provide the ultimate CBRN defense system. The mask’s design includes a mesh cradle over the crown of the head, which distributes the force over a larger area of the face. It also includes a PET speech diaphragm and sweat drainage through the exhalation chamber. It’s also compatible with CamelBak hydration systems.

The CM-7M Military Gas Mask is designed for use by military personnel, but it is also intended for civilian emergency use. The mask is made to work with a variety of helmets, including the helmet-mounted helmet. It includes a drinking system. It also features a contour above the inhalation valve.

CM-7M Military Gas Mask Protection against Toxic Chemical

The mask’s main function is to protect the wearer from CBRN agents, but it is also designed to offer protection against smoke, vapors, and other airborne contaminants. It also provides a high degree of peripheral vision and better depth perception.

CM-7M military gas mask is one of the most advanced CBRN defense systems in the market. It is available at an affordable price at Mira Safety. It is designed to provide comprehensive protection against toxic industrial chemicals and CBRN agents. The mask is ideal for military and rescue operations. It is available in three sizes. The mask also comes with a wide range of optics.

One of the most important features of the mask is the filter. This feature makes it easier to aim a firearm. The mask’s filter canister also supports a built-in voice projection microphone. It also includes a string of numbers, which indicates the type of filter. This is important because you will need to know what type of filter you have before you can use it.

The mask also has a full one-piece visor. It also features a wide visual range, a slim profile, and a slight cant that allows the shooter to line up with the reticle. It’s easy to put on and take off.

Another feature of the mask is the chin seal. The plastic insert is also removable, by lifting one end towards the visor.


CM-7M is a well-rounded military-grade gas mask that has been designed for long-term use in any weather condition. It features a hypoallergenic construction and a high-quality speech diaphragm to keep the oxygen flowing. The CM-7M is not for the faint of heart, but it is a great addition to any collection. This mask also includes a drinking system to keep you hydrated.

The CM-7M also comes with a hefty 20-year service life. This is a worthy purchase if you’re looking for the best in CBRN protection. In addition to the usual suspects, the CM-7M features the latest in military-grade technology and provides comprehensive protection against toxic industrial chemicals and CBRN agents.


CM-7M Military Gas Mask provides superior CBRN threat protection, is compatible with helmets and breathing apparatuses, and is ideal for military and rescue operations. It offers a dual-lens configuration that provides superior depth perception.

This mask features a dual-lens configuration that provides superior depth vision and is ideal for rifle iron sights. The overall shape and size are similar to the CM-6M mask, but the 7M has a wider profile. It also protects from all known chemical warfare agents.

Storage and Service Life

The CM-7M is a full-face mask that includes an inhalation system, a dual-lens system with optics, and an integrated drinking system. This gas mask is compatible with CamelBak hydration systems and may require an M-type adapter.

The CM-7M is a solid choice for a military buff looking for a high-quality, low-cost, and reliable gas mask. This mask is a worthy addition to any man’s arsenal. The CM-7M is a worthy heir to the best of the best and is sure to earn you a seat at the table when the time comes to do your part in the war on terror.

Fit for 10-year-old Faces

Whether you’re looking for a full face mask or a mask for your child, you’ll find that Mira Safety Cm-7m Military Gas Mask And Filter is a great choice. The CM-7M is a powerful defense system, with filters designed to work with a variety of optical devices. It’s also easy to upgrade the filters and accessories and offers a 20-year service life.

It features a dual viewport design that preserves a large portion of the field of view. It also has a silicate glass visor and a six-point mesh head harness.


CM-7M Military Gas Mask is a fully-functional hazmat mask designed for use in combat situations. It features a dual-lens configuration, which is ideal for use with rifle iron sights.

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