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MIRA Safety CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask


Designed for use in an extreme environment, the MIRA Safety CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask is one of the most effective and compact options on the market today. Featuring ultra-lightweight construction, a large air intake, and a comfortable, breathable chin strap, this mask is the perfect choice for any tactical environment.

CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask

Designed to protect against noxious gases, radiation, and chemical warfare agents, the MIRA Safety CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask provides the ultimate CBRN threat protection. The mask combines premium features with superior mil-spec construction for a product that is a proven choice for police forces and military units across the globe.

The CM-6M CBRN gas mask features a five-point rubber textile head harness and a special hypoallergenic compound in the inner mask that reduces the carbon dioxide content in the air inside the mask. The mask also features an ultra-wide visor, allowing you to see everything without having to strain your eyes. This mask also features a hydration system, including a canteen and drinking straw. You can also purchase a hydration bladder adaptor, which makes using a canteen even easier.

The CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask comes with a 900ml hydration bladder that is a great accessory for those on the go. It also features an integrated speech diaphragm that ensures 95% intelligibility of your voice. It also features dual 40mm filter ports. You can use the filter on the left or right side, which makes it easier to use rifle sights.

The CM-6M is not only easy to use, but it is also comfortable. It’s dual 40mm filter ports allow you to easily breathe through the mask. You can even choose to mount the filter on the right or left side of the mask, depending on your personal preference. This mask is also lightweight, allowing you to wear it for a long time.

CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask is made of Bromobutyl Rubber

Which is a type of rubber that is resistant to CBRN agents. This is a great feature because chlorine gas displaces all the oxygen in an area. You should avoid storing this mask in a place that has low oxygen levels, such as an underground mine. You should also store it in a cool, dry, and dust-free place. If stored in a place that has high temperatures, such as a sweltering summer night, you should also consider storing it in a cool room with regular ventilation.

The CM-6M Tactical gas mask is a great choice for those who are looking for a mask to use while shooting weapons or riot gear. It can also be used in class one explosive environments. It can also protect you from tear gas, paint fumes, and other toxic chemicals. The mask is also hypoallergenic and can be used by people with allergies.

The CM-6M Tactical Mask is available at many retailers. It can also be purchased as part of a complete Spectacle Kit, which typically costs around $100. You can also buy it on It includes a canteen, a hydration bladder, a hydration straw, a negative pressure test kit, and a TIC filter. It also comes with a brochure that lists breakthrough times. Its design and construction are tested to meet the EN 136 (Class III) standard, making it a great choice for law enforcement and military professionals.

CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask is a great way to get up to 25% off on a high-quality gas mask from Mira Safety. The CM-6M mask is used to protect the face and internal organs from the harmful effects of CBRN agents. It is used by several governments in countries around the world.

CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask with NBC-77 SOF Filters is a Great Way to Protect yourself from Chemical

The mask is designed for use in a variety of simulated explosive environments and is also used by law enforcement agencies worldwide. It’s also a hypoallergenic mask that is safe from tear gas and paint fumes.

Aside from being a good way to protect yourself from noxious chemicals, the CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask also has other cool features. It has a built-in 900ml canteen and a pre-installed hydration system. In addition, it also has an integrated speech diaphragm that makes communicating with other people easily.

The CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask is also designed to provide you with nearly 30 hours of protection from mustard gas exposure. It has an ultra-wide visor that is capable of protecting you from the worst of it. It is also made with bromobutyl rubber, which is resistant to CBRN agents.

The CM-6M Tactical is also a good choice for all other applications. It also has an integrated hydration system, which is a plus in this day and age. It is also designed with a five-point rubber-textile head harness. Its visor is made of a special compound that reduces the carbon dioxide content of the inner space. It also makes the mask more comfortable to wear, resulting in a better fit.

The CM-6M Tactical Spectacle is made in one size, which is a good thing. It also has an integrated speech diaphragm, ensuring a snug fit for the user.

Filters offer the Same Level of Protection as the CM-7M

CM-6M tactical gas mask filters offer the same level of protection as the CM-7M, but with some extra design features. Both masks offer a high level of CBRN protection and are designed for use with optics.

MIRA Safety CM-6M gas masks have a dual filtration system. One filter is positioned on the left side of the mask, and the other on the right. This configuration is ideal for shooters who prefer to mount their filters on either side of their mask. The CM-6M gas mask also has a panoramic anti-fog visor, a slip-resistant strap, and an integrated slot for glasses owners. The mask is also compatible with Camelbak connectors.

The MIRA Safety CM-6M is the best-value gas mask on the market. It provides high-level CBRN protection, a panoramic anti-fog lens, dual filtration ports, and an integrated hydration system. It also has a speech diaphragm and a wide field of view.

MIRA Safety masks have a reputation for being trusted by law enforcement and special forces personnel worldwide. They are backed by a pedigree of military and civilian experience.


CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask from MIRA Safety is a full-face respirator that protects the user from a wide range of chemical, biological and nuclear threats. The mask is made with a high-quality bromobutyl rubber facepiece that is durable and resistant to CBRN agents. This mask also protects the user from tear gas and paint fumes. It is designed to provide a comfortable all-day wearing experience, and it is rated to withstand 30 hours of exposure to mustard gas.

CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask has a large viewing area that helps to make the mask stand out. Its dual-recessed visor system also provides a wide field of view. This is an excellent choice for riot gear and tactical applications. This mask is also CBRN compliant, meaning that it will protect the user from all known CBRN agents.

CM-6M Tactical Mask comes with a pre-installed hydration system. This system is designed for CBRN environments, and it is compatible with both Type A and Type M adapters. It has an integrated speech diaphragm that ensures 95% intelligibility of the user’s speech.


CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask is a CBRN-compliant facepiece made from a special hypoallergenic compound. It’s also safe from tear gas and paint fumes. It has dual 40 mm filter ports, which provide a wide field of view. It’s also hypoallergenic and is designed to be used in a variety of applications.

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