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10 Accessories You Need For Mountain Biking

10 Accessories You Need For Mountain Biking

The right gear and accessories can transform your mountain bike into a high-performing beast. Check out these must-have items for any MTB enthusiast:

A simple yet essential piece of kit, a tire lever lets you pop your tires off a rim. They’re especially useful for tubeless tires that use a Presta valve (like most modern car tires). The foam-padded design also reduces friction and protects the back of your hands and fingers.

Repair Stand

An essential tool for any home mountain biker, a repair stand lets you easily work on the drivetrain and brakes without having to lift your bike off the ground. It can also be used for quick pre-ride adjustments on the trail or at a friend’s house.

If you are a committed bike mechanic, you’ll want to spend a little more money on a stand that is stronger (metal) and offers a better user experience, such as the Park Tool Home Mechanic or Sport Mechanic stands from Feedback Sports.

Unior’s eye-catching Sprint stand folds compactly and reaches a high clamping height, and the angle of the main beam can be adjusted for access to different parts of the frame. It also works with every modern axle spacing and standard, including dropper seat posts. It is sturdy and can be stowed away in the included carry case. When you’re considering a bike stand like this or other cycling accessories, don’t forget to search for the latest Trek Bicycle Coupons to save on your purchase and make your cycling equipment more cost-effective.

Spare Pedals

Pedals can take a beating from the hard and aggressive riding of MTB. Having a spare pair is important to get you back on the trail and continue your ride.

MTB pedals are usually made of durable and tough materials but they do wear out over time. Purchasing a system that works with your specific shoes and pedals will help you avoid having to replace them often.

There are several different types of mountain bike pedals including clipless and flats. Clipless pedals have a mechanism that clips to the cleat on your shoes to give you maximum control and power on your MTB. Flat mountain bike pedals have a platform that interacts with the cleat on your shoes and is great for beginner and casual riders. Having a spare set of flat MTB pedals is a good idea for people who love to explore and want the option of getting off their bikes easily.

Hydration Pack

A quality hydration pack will let you carry plenty of water, snacks, and extra gear while on the trail. It will also have features like easy-to-load sleeves and dedicated pockets, insulated tubes, bite valve covers, and tube routing tabs or clips.

A general-use hydration pack (like REI’s Flash 15 or Ultimate Direction’s Mountain Vest 6.0) will have a logical pocket and organizational system, comfortable suspension systems, and a low-profile fit that will experience as a bodily extension.

Other packs, like those built specifically for mountain biking or trail running, will be smaller in size and have bike-specific features, such as specialized tool rolls and compartments, extra gear straps, and helmet or bike light attachments. They will also have a low-profile waistbelt design that won’t interfere with pedaling.

First Aid Kit

First aid is a must for anyone going on outdoor adventures. You can buy prepackaged kits or create your own based on recommendations and the needs of you and your family. Keep the kit easily accessible, either in your bag, purse, or diaper bag, in your car, home, or bike — wherever you are likely to need it. And don’t forget to keep it up-to-date! Consider taking a first-aid course to learn the basics. You can even get customized kits for kids and pets.

Spare Derailleur Hanger

The derailleur hanger (also known as a mech hanger) is the most bendable part of your frame. It is designed this way to help prevent frame and drivetrain damage in crashes and when the bike is dropped. A bent hanger will cause the rear derailleur to shift incorrectly and may even skip gears. If this happens on the trail you can usually bend it back into place without the need for tools.

The best option is to carry a spare derailleur hanger. It is relatively cheap compared to a new derailleur and can be easily replaced. You can also purchase a derailleur alignment gauge from Park Tool to ensure your hanger is perfectly aligned with the rear wheel. You can find these at many bike retailers and Wheels Mfg. as well as online. This is a great way to save on expensive shop labor fees.

Spare Tires

Whether you’re going for a one-hour sprint or an eight-hour loop, mountain biking is a physical sport that demands protection. Depending on your skill level and the difficulty of the terrain, elbow pads and knee pads are essential for protecting yourself from impact injuries.

You should also carry a pump that fits your tires and includes a pressure gauge. Proper tire inflation keeps you riding at a comfortable, efficient pace and helps prevent punctures.

A multitool has a variety of bits that will allow you to make basic trailside repairs, such as straightening handlebars or removing broken chain links. Many are small enough to fit into a hip pack or hydration pack for easy storage. Some even include a chain breaker and a small set of spare quick links.

Spare Chain Ring

Mountain bikes use chainrings to transfer the pedaling force from the crankarms to the rear derailleur. They are usually evenly spaced with between 22 and 53 teeth for the chain links to slot onto.

Bike chainrings wear over time and need to be replaced. Worn ones can be prone to damage from debris and can cause your bike to skip gears, making riding painful.

A spare chainring helps you avoid downtime caused by a broken one while keeping you riding safely on trails. To change a chainring, secure the bike on a repair stand and prepare a clear area to lay out the parts as you remove them. Once you have installed the new chainring, test it to make sure there is no excessive wobbling and that shifting runs smoothly. When you need spare parts or bike maintenance equipment, consider looking for the latest Automotive Coupon Code to save on your purchase and keep your bike in top shape without breaking the bank.

Spare Chain

As you ride through the woods, your tires will encounter rocks and other debris that can puncture them. Having a spare chain is the best way to prevent this from happening.

A helmet is an essential piece of mountain biking gear that offers protection against crashes or falls. A good option is the Sweet Protection Bushwhacker II MIPS helmet, which balances protection with ventilation and adjustability.

Adding a bidon or hydration pack is another must-have. Make sure it has enough capacity for your needs, a secure safety cap, and a removable top for easy cleaning and refilling.

Frame protection is another good addition to help protect your pride and joy against stray branches or other debris. Lastly, you should have some form of chain lube to keep your drivetrain running smoothly and crisply. You can choose between wet or dry lube depending on your preference and the weather conditions.

Bike Shorts

Mountain biking shorts should fit loosely and be made from a material that allows air to pass easily while riding. They should also be able to hold up to abrasion. Some bikers will even use baggy mountain bike shorts with a built-in padded liner to protect against saddle sores.

Padded bike liner shorts come in different styles from minimal boxer briefs to more traditional bib shorts. Many include a variety of convenience features like zippable thigh pockets and pass-throughs for liner pocket access, dual hip adjusters, and glued rather than sewn seams.

Some of the best-padded liner shorts for mountain biking are form-fitting enough to be flattering but still long enough to pair with knee pads if desired. They may also feature a zippered back pocket to keep valuables secure during rides. Some brands sell a combination of baggy mountain bike shorts and a padded lining separately to allow riders to choose what they prefer.

Spare Tubes

Mountain biking is a killer workout, an adrenaline-dripping social sport, and a dopamine-dripping way to experience the outdoors. But it also can be an expensive hobby to get into.

The key to enjoying your time on the trail is having the right gear to help you out when things go wrong. Whether you’re on a one-hour sprint or a twelve-hour ride you need to be prepared for the unexpected.

Having a spare tube–and knowing how to use it–is one of the most important bike accessories for any rider. We recommend getting a burly rubber tube from Surly that’s threaded and fits up to 4.7-inch tires. Then, stash it in a frame tube strap like the Backcountry Research Mutherload that lets you carry tubes and tools discreetly on your bike. The strap is lightweight and comes in 50 different colorways.


having the right accessories is essential for a successful and enjoyable mountain biking experience. From helmets and gloves for safety to hydration packs and cycling shoes for comfort, there are a variety of items to choose from. Other important accessories include a repair kit, sunglasses, and a GPS device. By investing in these accessories, you can enhance your performance and make the most out of your mountain biking adventures.

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