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Upgrade Your Pet’s Lifestyle With These Best Tech and Gadgets

Pet Tech and Gadgets

Tech can make your life with pets more accessible and more enjoyable. From fitness trackers to intelligent pet toys and a home security camera, these gadgets make it easier to give your furry family the royal treatment.

This intelligent dog collar tracks your pup’s activity and sleep, then syncs to your phone for real-time tracking and GPS locating. It also doubles as a training lead with recall functions.

Whistle(tm) Health & GPS

Whistle’s pet trackers — including the famous Whistle GO and Whistle GO Explore models — are among dogs’ best GPS fitness trackers. But the company’s latest device goes even further, integrating a wellness tracker to provide actionable, science-backed insights into your dog’s health and behavior.

The company calls it a “360o view of your pet’s health.” And while we’re still there, the new device is a massive step in the right direction.

Rover test pup Sabine has been wearing the new Whistle for a few weeks now, and it’s clearly doing a great job of monitoring her wellness and activity levels. The tracking device is slim and lightweight, fitting snugly onto her collar. And it does an excellent job of hiding in the background when she’s out and about so that she doesn’t feel like she’s wearing something “extra.”

What makes this Whistle stand out from other GPS trackers is the inclusion of a wellness tracker that provides insight into your dog’s overall health. This tracker looks at various behavior patterns — like licking and scratching — to see if any of them might indicate a health issue. For example, if your dog has suddenly started scratching more than usual, the tracker can send you an alert so you can take your pet to the vet.

The Whistle tracker can also detect when your pet has left her safe zone, which it updates regularly via the cellular network (and AT&T’s 4G LTE coverage). And because it doesn’t require an additional SIM card or GPS chip, you can always keep it on your dog without worrying about battery life.

You can also use the app to set activity goals for your pet and compare their progress to dogs of a similar age, size, and breed. The tracker is compatible with other apps that monitor activity, including Fitbit and Apple HealthKit.

While we didn’t test this feature with our Rover test pup, the Whistle Health tracker offers a tele-vet option to connect via voice or video call to an animal healthcare professional. The company says this is available for any pet enrolled in a participating vet clinic’s telemedicine service.

The Whistle Health & GPS is costly, but it offers much value for the money. It’s more streamlined and slick than the Tractive, but it still delivers a comprehensive suite of features and a solid design. And its price tag is more manageable for pet parents looking to dip their toes into the world of dog trackers. If you’re considering purchasing the Whistle Health & GPS or other pet-related products, consider exploring PETstock Coupon Codes for discounts.

Ting Internet

When it comes to internet service providers, there are many options to choose from. These include DSL, cable, and fiber optic, each offering different benefits and drawbacks. Ting Internet is a unique option that provides high-speed internet at a low monthly price. The company also has no contract and does not charge an early termination fee. In addition, customers can use their Ting app to manage their accounts and get support from a customer service representative.

The company was founded in 2012 and started as a mobile virtual network operator, utilizing Verizon and T-Mobile networks to offer a competitive pricing structure. However, they have since expanded their services to include internet broadband and whole-home WiFi. Ting’s internet services are based on fiber, which is much faster and more reliable than the copper connections used by most other providers. This is especially true when it comes to upload and download speeds. Ting’s one plan provides symmetrical internet speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps for an incredible monthly price of just $89.

Ting also offers a range of equipment to help users get the most out of their service. A modem is included with every package, and customers can add on a wireless router for an additional cost. This allows users to have a robust WiFi system covering their entire home and providing a consistent connection for streaming, gaming, and other activities.

The company currently serves seven states and 14 markets nationwide for those interested in trying out Ting Internet. It has a strong presence in the Denver metro area, including Centennial and Colorado Springs. Those living in those areas can visit Ting’s website to see if the company’s gigabit fiber service is available. Those who pre-order Ting’s service will be able to receive it first and are guaranteed to receive an installation discount for the time being.

If Ting isn’t yet in your area, the company’s online pre-order form will highlight the demand for its service and prompt local officials to bring it to your community sooner rather than later. Ting’s service is backed by an open-access model that encourages competition and reduces the digital divide in the communities where it is deployed.

Ting is one of the most popular Internet service providers in the US, offering consumers a fast and affordable service. Its low prices and no-contract commitment make it an excellent choice for families, gamers, and people who rely on high-speed internet for work and personal entertainment. The company also has a wide selection of phone devices, making it easy for customers to find an unlocked device that will work with their Ting service plans. Ting’s website features a handy compatibility tool that allows customers to enter their phone’s IMEI number and the manufacturer’s name, allowing them to quickly determine whether a particular device is compatible with its network.


Designed to ease dog separation anxiety, the Furbo is a treat-dispensing camera that includes two-way talk and intelligent alerts. The updated 1080p camera rotates to follow a dog around the room, providing night vision mode.

Users can customize the alert notifications using their own voice or select a pre-recorded greeting for a more personal touch. The barking alarm can be adjusted based on sensitivity settings, but we found that noises other than barking set it off, even at a high setting.

This pet cam is easy to set up with a smooth installation process and an app that connects seamlessly through WiFi. It is an excellent choice for those who want to keep an eye on their dog but need more money for more expensive options. The tracking capabilities need a little work, but the treat tossing feature is fun. You can explore Pets Promo Codes for discounts if you want to purchase this pet cam or similar products.

Smart Pet Feeder

Unlike traditional dog and cat feeders, intelligent pet feeders are internet-connected devices that allow you to control and monitor them remotely. They dispense food according to schedule and often come with additional features like cameras, speakers, microphones, etc.

Typically, intelligent pet feeders have built-in WiFi connections and can be controlled through an app on your phone or tablet. Some have advanced options that let you dispense food on demand, based on location, or even send an alert when the hopper is running low.

Look for one that has a backup battery system so that your pets can still get fed if the power goes out. Also, ensure the intelligent feeder you purchase has a good customer support team in case of any issues. This will help you save time and hassle in the future.

Smart Puppy Litter Box

Spend less time scooping and sifting with an intelligent litter box. This model from Litter-Robot is app-controlled and has a rotating drum to scoop the poop into a waste bin. It also reduces litter waste and odor.

A similar option is this one from CatGenie. It uses reusable granules automatically washed and flushed with water and vet-approved SaniSolution. It also has high walls to prevent strays from tracking the granules outside the litter box and has a dome to keep the granules contained.

Another option is Petivity, which uses artificial intelligence developed by Purina behaviorists, veterinarians, and data experts to learn each pet’s litterbox habits and identify weight, frequency, and waste type changes. It will then email the pet owner insight reports, which can help monitor health conditions or help with a weight loss program.

Smart Dog Collar

The Tractive GPS Dog Collar is a sleek, waterproof smart collar offering peace of mind. The lightweight device uses cellular networks to track your dog’s location and activity, and it provides you with alerts if they leave a specified zone like a park or backyard. The app also lets you monitor their health and fitness by tracking calories burned and sleeping patterns.

You can activate the ‘lost dog mode’ in the mobile app when your pet goes missing. This turns on live GPS tracking using the AT&T LTE network and Google Maps to help you find them. However, the live tracking does require a subscription for the cellular network service plan and may need to work better in remote areas. You can also monitor your dog’s activity through the app and get an activity report.

Smart Dog Bed

The perfect bed can help calm your dog, offer them a cozy place to sleep, and prevent them from chewing up your furniture. Plus, it can help reduce the amount of hair and drool on your floors!

Washable dog beds can also help improve the health and comfort of your pet. They’re easier to clean than traditional beds, and regular washing can help to reduce odors and allergens.

The TESLA Smart Pet Bed is an intelligent dog bed with an app that allows you to track your pet’s activity and rest periods, monitor their weight, and control the heating and cooling features of the bed. It can also sync with voice assistants and smart home devices for convenience.

Smart Dog Toy

An intelligent dog toy is an interactive device that can keep your furry friend occupied, stimulated, and engaged. These toys often include puzzles, treat-dispensing mechanisms, and remote control capabilities. They encourage your pet to think, strategize, and work for rewards, which reduces boredom and related behavioral issues.

Many smart dog toys are designed to interact with your pet even when you’re not at home. They can connect to your smartphone, dispense treats, play recorded sounds and voices, and monitor your dog’s activities. This can foster a sense of connection and alleviate separation anxiety.

These gadgets can be expensive, but they’re a great way to provide your dog with a safe and interactive way to spend their time. They also help to minimize boredom, which can lead to destructive behavior like chewed-up shoes and ripped carpets. They’re durable, pet-safe materials and can be recharged for hours.


Upgrading your pet’s lifestyle with the latest technology and gadgets can significantly impact their overall well-being and happiness. From smart feeders to activity trackers, these innovative products can help you take better care of your furry friend and ensure they lead a healthy and fulfilling life. So why not invest in some of these fantastic devices today and give your pet the love and attention they deserve?

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