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Top 8 Best Gas Mask Filters That Protect Yourself in Style

Top 8 Best Gas Mask Filters That Protect Yourself in Style

Gas masks are vital for preppers to protect against NBC (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) threats. They are expensive and have a limited shelf life, so it’s important to keep them in good condition.

Using the wrong filter can seriously shorten your life in an emergency. Make sure to use a filter rated for your specific threat.

3M 7500 Mask & 7093 Filter Combo

A good gas mask or respirator is a significant investment. There is no getting around that fact, but the right gear can help you keep your family safe in a disaster. Unlike a dust mask or surgical mask, these aren’t just for protecting yourself from dirt and pollen; they protect against low levels of particulates, bacteria, and even certain gases.

The 3M 7500 Mask with a pair of 7093 P100 Filters is a great balance between cost/weight/size and protection level. The HEPA filter helps to block particulates including lead, asbestos, and some acid vapors up to 10 times the permissible exposure limit.

This mask also fits a wide range of 40mm industrial-style filters, like those made by Mestel, Mira Safety, and Drager. Using an adapter can add extra redundancy and flexibility to your kit for the same price or less.

3M 7800S First Responder & 7800B CBRN

There are plenty of reputable, high-grade, full-face gas masks (also called respirators) available. Look for those made by companies that sell to military or law enforcement agencies. Top brands include MSA, Avon, Mestel, Honeywell / Sperian, and 3M. If you’re interested in purchasing a gas mask from MIRA Safety CA or other related products, you can explore the MIRA Safety CA Promo Code to potentially get discounts on these items.

The best ones have a full CBRN filter certification, meaning they protect against nuclear, biological, and chemical threats. These filters have fine screens that can stop even microscopic particles, but they also absorb gases and liquids to prevent you from breathing them in.

They have a long shelf life, so you can stock up and keep them on hand. Buying a quality one will cost more upfront, but you’ll save money in the long run because they last much longer than other filters. It’s a great investment for any prepper or first responder. NASUM makes another good choice, with their minimalist design that’s half mask and goggle setup rolled into one unit.

3M 7093 Filter Adapter

Gas masks are more than just a menacing symbol of the apocalypse; they can save lives when you need them most. But choosing the right one requires careful consideration, research, and preparation. There are many factors to consider, including how well it fits your face and what kind of contaminants it’s rated against.

Most gas masks use filters that screw into the 40 mm NATO standard, which makes them popular among law enforcement and civilians alike. They’re available in a range of colors for easy identification and feature an impressive 20-year shelf life.

A gas mask is a good investment for anyone who wants to be prepared for NBC and CBRN threats. However, you’ll want to pair it with a respirator for added protection against low levels of particulates and bacteria. This adapter screws into most 40 mm filter ports, making it a simple way to add redundancy to your gas mask setup.

3M 7800S Filter

For those wanting to roll like the military or police (and save some cash), a full-face gas mask is a good option. These masks cover the eyes, nose, mouth, and face with a replaceable canister that filters out CBRN hazards from the air. The canisters are color-coded to indicate which types of organic vapors, acid gases, or chlorine they work to diffuse, making them great for prepping.

They also have large viewing ports, a feature that’s often overlooked but comes in handy in high-stress situations. Most of these masks also use standard 40 mm NATO or GOST filters that screw into the canister port, which creates an easy way to add redundancy by having multiple filter options on hand. These filters typically have a shelf life of five years or more. They are also incredibly lightweight and affordable. If you’re interested in purchasing accessories for your gas mask or related equipment, consider using Accessories Promo Code to potentially get discounts on these lightweight and affordable components.

3M 7800B Filter

If you want a good NBC/CBRN gas mask to keep in your bug-out bag, go with the 3M 7800B. This half-mask uses 40mm filters and cartridges that are the same as those in industrial/workplace respirators. You can buy a couple of filter adapters and a bundle of filters for around $35, and you’ll be set.

This NBC/CBRN mask protects against particulates (like viruses) and lowers “nuisance” levels of organic vapors and acidic gases, including carbon dioxide and hydrogen fluoride. It also has a drinking tube for your canteen, which is a big bonus in any situation.

The AVON FM12 is another NBC/CBRN option that offers the same protection. It also features a hydration port, 180 degrees of vision, and is glasses compatible. Its ballistic rating is a plus if you think you’ll be shooting while wearing the mask.

3M 7093 Filter

A canister gas mask filter is a crucial survival prep item that protects against biological, chemical, and nuclear threats. The best filter can deal with hundreds of toxins and airborne contaminants.

Most modern filters have color coding on them to let you know what they can and cannot filter. This is a system developed by the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) that helps you understand how effective each filter is.

For example, the N95 3M 7093 Particulate Filter can filter most respiratory hazards including certain organic vapors and gases such as chlorine, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, and ammonia. It can also filter toxins and particles, like lead paint dust, that may be found in older homes. This filter can also be used to filter carbon monoxide in case of a house fire. It fits most NBC and CBRN half masks with 40 mm ports.

3M 60926 Filter

Many masks use proprietary filter and cartridge systems that are not compatible with other brands. This makes it difficult to stock up and swap filters if needed in the field. To avoid this problem, get a full mask with a bayonet filter attachment system and pair it with a set of 3M 603 filter adapters (about $35 each) and 3M 5P71 P95 filters ($13 per pair).

This combination is NIOSH-approved to reduce exposure to certain organic vapors, acid gasses, ammonia, methylamine, formaldehyde, and non-oil particulates. The filters are also NIOSH-approved to filter out particles down to 0.3 microns and contain a bed of activated charcoal to absorb chemicals. These filters fit the MSA Millennium CBRN mask and other half- and full-facepiece respirators in the 6000, 7000, and FF-400 series with bayonet attachment holders. OV filters are a great choice for preppers concerned about the threat of CBRN attacks or other chemical hazards.

3M 7093 Filter Adapter

The $70-$120 Gentex SOTR is the best value among military masks. This full-face respirator is P95-rated and protects against organic vapors, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, chlorine, and bleach. It also has a feature that helps with “nuisance levels” of acid gas.

This mask uses NATO-threaded 40 mm filters that are common among military, police, and civilians alike. A few tips: Make sure it’s genuine army surplus, which tends to have a higher level of quality than civilian-branded ones. Look for a pink mark that is used by the military to distinguish one of their filters from another (see picture). The newer US military models use self-sealing bayonet-mounted filters, but these are less affordable. The 40 mm NATO adapter makes the older filters compatible with the newer masks. This is a must-have accessory for preppers. It’s a simple plastic adapter, so it will fit any NATO-threaded gas mask that has 40 mm threads.


Choosing the right gas mask filter is crucial to protect yourself in hazardous environments. The top 8 gas mask filters featured in this article not only provide excellent protection but also come in stylish designs. Whether you are a first responder, military personnel, or simply looking for personal protection, investing in a high-quality gas mask filter is worth it. Stay safe and protected in style with these top picks.

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