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Take Your Music to the Next Level With These Portable Audio Speakers

Take Your Music to the Next Level With These Portable Audio Speakers

Whether you’re listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks, it helps to have a portable speaker that sounds good and has great battery life. Here are a few of our top selections.

The UE Wonderboom 3 is a tiny yet powerful portable, offering the biggest sound in its size range that we tested. It’s also waterproof, durable, and easy to control.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker

The Bose Portable Smart Speaker is one of the most versatile portable speakers on the market. It’s designed to be taken wherever you go, with excellent connectivity and smart assistant support. Its slimline design makes it easy to slip into a bag or backpack, and its portability and ruggedness make it ideal for outdoor use.

If you have an Apple device, it’s easy to set up with the speaker using AirPlay. This will give you access to your entire music library as well as any subscription streaming services you use. If you don’t have an iPhone, there’s a pretty comprehensive set of music management apps available to take advantage of, including Spotify and the built-in Bose Music app.

With impressive 360-degree audio quality that belies its diminutive size, this Bose speaker can easily fill a midsize room with rich, vibrant, and immersive sound. It can also be linked to other Bose speakers for a multi-room listening experience.

Aside from the bass response (which can be a little overpowering), this speaker does an excellent job of reproducing music with clarity. If you play a punk track such as 333 by Against Me!, you can hear the cymbals and Laura Jane Grace’s vocals with a surprising degree of clarity. Rock and metal tend to suffer, however, as the speaker’s heavy bass notes can drown out guitars and muddy up vocals.

This is an expensive speaker, but the combination of a sophisticated and feature-rich smart speaker with a sleek, elegant design makes it an essential accessory for any music lover. It’s not as powerful or durable as a Sonos Move, but it’s much cheaper and more portable, and you can always invest in the optional drop-and-go charging cradle to keep it charged on the go. If you want to save money on speakers or any other electronic items use Electronic Promo Code by using it you will save a lot of money on every purchase.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3

The Ultimate Ears Boom 3 is one of a growing number of Bluetooth speakers with a premium look, but it’s also different enough to stand out from the crowd. It’s designed to withstand life’s thrills and spills and has an IP67 rating so it can be submerged in water for 30 minutes. It’s also dustproof and has a little fabric loop on the back you could use for a carabiner, though it doesn’t come with one. It also has a handy power/pair button on the top and what Ultimate Ears calls a Magic Button that can be programmed in the app to play, pause, or without having to pull out your phone, or skip tracks.

If you’re going to get a premium-looking portable speaker, it makes sense that it will sound great, and this is the case here. The Boom 3 is fun, dynamic, and well-balanced with a bold character that shines through pop hits and grungy rock anthems. It has a pronounced mid-bass slam that’s controlled and precise but doesn’t go overboard. It doesn’t have quite the low-end depth of the bigger Megaboom 3, but it still reaches down to 60Hz and offers a full, punchy sound.

You can pair multiple UE Booms together using the PartyUp feature in the app, which lets you create an instant stereo effect with an impressive range and huge soundstage. It’s also easy to keep the music pumping for hours on end with a 15-hour battery. It charges fairly quickly, too, taking about two and a half hours to fully charge. You can also plug in a micro-USB cable to connect directly to a power source if you’re not using the Bluetooth connection. If you want to buy premium speakers at a reasonable price use SavingGain.

JBL Boombox 3

The JBL Boombox 3 is the latest in a line of loud portable speakers from JBL. It is a major upgrade from the Boombox 2 in terms of performance and is capable of pumping out music at a higher volume than any other JBL speaker we have tested. Its sound quality is surprisingly good considering its size, with clear and crisp audio that doesn’t suffer from distortion even at maximum volume. The Boombox 3 also boasts impressive bass capabilities, delivering powerful and clean lower frequencies that can easily compete with more expensive Bluetooth speakers from other brands.

The design of the Boombox 3 is sleek and elegant, resembling its smaller siblings such as the Charge 5 Tomorrowland limited edition and the Xtreme 3. It features a plastic construction that is complemented by rubber edges to prevent unintended rolling. It comes with a built-in carry handle and is IP67-rated, making it dust-proof and waterproof.

Like other JBL speakers, the Boombox 3 Wi-Fi is compatible with JBL’s PartyBoost function which allows you to pair it up with other compatible devices for a stereo mix or an enhanced listening experience. You can also use the JBL Portable app to personalize your speaker’s output, unlocking special features and real-time firmware updates.

The app is a little barebone in comparison to more mature software from competing brands, but there are still useful functions such as a 3-band equalizer that lets you boost or cut bass, mids, and trebles separately. You can also link up to 100 other compatible JBL speakers using the app for a more immersive listening experience. This is a great option if you are planning to host a party or bring the music with you on outdoor adventures.

Marshall Willen

Designed to look like a mini Marshall guitar amp, this tiny Bluetooth speaker has a rock ‘n’ roll charm that goes beyond its retro design. It’s also a capable performer that can deliver impressively rich and detailed sound for its size.

This speaker can balance the delicate music nuances and lightness you’ll find on Jazz and classical songs with bass-heavy tracks and pounding party anthems. It gets exceptionally loud for its size and can also be paired with other Marshall speakers to amplify the fun with Stack Mode.

A brass-looking button on the front controls playback; it turns the Willen on and off, adjusts volume if you press up or down, and skips to the next or previous track if you press left or right. An LED battery indicator on top lets you keep tabs on how much charge is remaining. A rubber strap on the back lets you attach the Marshall Willen to a surface and the speaker doubles as a hands-free speaker for phone calls.

The Willen isn’t a bass wonder, but it’s one of the best-sounding minis around. Its trebles and mids are lively, while its voice reproduction is surprisingly natural – better than the squawky vocals on some gimmicky minis such as the jumping Tronsmart Element Groove 2.

The Willen is ready to go with 15 hours of portable playtime on a full charge. It can be topped up in 3 hours with the included charger. You can also manage your audio and tune the sound with three equalizer presets in the Marshall app. It can also be used as a speakerphone with your smartphone for hands-free calls. You can also use the Marshall app to pair the Willen with a second speaker and create a stereo setup. there are plenty of options but if you want a premium look of speakers of high quality there’s the Betta Home Living Coupon Code.

Tribit XSound Go

Despite its small size, the Tribit XSound Go packs in incredible sound. Dual 6W high-performance drivers and a premium passive bass radiator combine to deliver soaring highs, electrifying mids, and rich bass for a truly immersive listening experience. You can crank this speaker up to max amplification without any distortion, so you can dance, party, or just enjoy the music in your home or on the go. The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers up to 24 hours of playtime, which is perfect for road trips, camping, BBQs, and more.

The XSound Go is also one of the most affordable speakers on our list. You can pick up a pair for under $50, which is incredible considering how great they perform. The design is sleek, compact, and durable which is a rarity in this price range. The XSound Go features a matte rubber finish that looks good, provides a comfortable grip, and resists fingerprints and drops. It has an IPX7 rating, meaning it can be submerged in water up to 1m (3ft) for 30 minutes.

Like the Anker SoundCore 2 above, the XSound Go suffers from some issues with its logo, which is white letters covering almost all of the front of the speaker. It’s a little distracting, but not enough to keep you from buying this great speaker.

Compared to other speakers in its class, the XSound Go has a pretty balanced sound with no distortion even at high volumes. It lacks some of the fidelity of the Stormbox Micro above but still does an impressive job for such a budget speaker. You can expect a full day of playtime with the XSound Go, which is more than you’ll get from most other Bluetooth speakers in this price range.


Investing in portable audio speakers can take your music experience to the next level. And with the discount offered at betta-home-living, you can save money while doing so. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your listening experience and save some cash in the process!

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