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Chris Pratt and His Wife Welcome Baby No. 2


According to a news article, actor Chris Pratt and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger have welcomed their second child. Katherine already has a nine-year-old son and a daughter, so they’re “ecstatic” about welcoming their second child. While their first child is already a baby girl, Katherine has been sharing adorable pictures of the two of them. They have been married for nine years and are thrilled to welcome their second child.

Katherine shared that she and Chris feel very Fortunate to be parents to Two Children

In December 2021, Katherine and Chris announced they were expecting their second child. They had previously announced they would wed in June 2019. The couple has already welcomed one daughter, Lyla Marie, who was born in August 2020. Chris has since thanked Katherine for bringing “harmony” into their home. Katherine shared that she and Chris feel very fortunate to be parents to two children.

The couple’s first daughter, LylaMaria, was born prematurely, so they’ve already been anticipating a second child together. Katherine often posts photos and videos of the new arrival on her Instagram page. While the couple’s first child is now three years old, Chris has previously joked about wanting to have dozens of kids. Previously, Chris shared an adorable Instagram video about running with his ex-wife Anna Faris.

After welcoming their first daughter, Lyla, in August 2020, Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger announced the birth of their second daughter, Eloise Christina Schwarzenegger Pratt, via Instagram. While they did not reveal the actual name of the baby, they posted similar pictures of themselves and their daughter. Nevertheless, a photo of the baby was posted on their Instagram page.

If you’re looking for luxury baby nursery furniture, look no further than Frisson Life Promotional Codes. The couple married in June 2019 and have one daughter, Lyla Maria, who is now nine months old. He also has a son, Jack, who he shares with his ex-wife Anna Faris. The couple hasn’t released an official statement, but it’s safe to assume they’re expecting baby No. 2.

Katherine Schwarzenegger announced the Pregnancy 

Katherine and Chris are already parents to a 9-year-old son, Jack, and they’re looking forward to welcoming their second child in August 2020. The actor and his wife met during a church meeting in December 2018 and got married in June 2019.

The actors announced their pregnancy on their Instagram pages, and wrote that they are “so thankful and blessed.” The couple previously confirmed they were expecting a second child in November but did not make a formal announcement or hide the news. The couple’s fans were quick to judge the actress for expressing her happiness about the news. Whether the actress was being modest or openly proud of her growing family is up for debate, but for now, fans are happy for the pair.

The actress has three kids with her former husband, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. She is the daughter of former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. Their son is named Jack, and he has a sister, Lyla. He’s already a father. The couple recently married in June. Katherine Schwarzenegger’s son was born premature and had health issues.

A few months ago, Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger announced that they were expecting a second child. Katherine is the daughter of former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and model, Maria Shriver. Their relationship started as a casual one and quickly turned serious. The couple kept the details of the pregnancy a secret, but the couple announced that they’re expecting another child in August 2019.

Chris Pratt and wife Katherine have a Daughter

The actor and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger have welcomed a new addition to their family: a daughter. Chris and Katherine have been married for five years and have been sharing adorable pictures of their little girl on Instagram. They are also parents to their 9-year-old son Jack. But before they welcomed a new member of the family, Chris and Katherine were busy preparing for their first child. The couple had a daughter’s baptism in October but did not reveal the name of the child. If you want to save money on baby nursery furniture then visit Home & Garden Discount Code.

The couple had their first child, Lyla, in 2020. The pair met on the set of their first movie, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and were soon dating on social media. In April, the couple married in California. The couple welcomed their daughter, Lyla, in August of the following year. The actor also shares a 9-year-old son with his ex-wife Anna Faris. Katherine Schwarzenegger’s parents were excited about the new arrival.

The couple has been busy preparing for the new arrival since the couple announced their pregnancy last December. They did not share a photo of their baby on social media, but the couple did post similar photos on Instagram. While their daughter is a little girl, Chris and Katherine Schwarzenegger haven’t yet posted a picture of her. But they did announce the birth of their new daughter on Instagram.

Chris Pratt and wife Katherine are “Ecstatic” about Welcoming Baby No. 2

After becoming romantically linked in August 2018, Chris Pratt and Katherine McNamara recently revealed that they are expecting baby No. 2. They already have a nine-year-old son Jack, but the couple always wanted to add another sibling to their family. The couple is ecstatic about becoming parents again and praised their parents’ “normal” upbringing and private upbringing.


While awaiting the arrival of baby No. 2, Katherine Schwarzenegger’s family is equally excited. Katherine’s family is thrilled to have a new member of their extended family. Chris and Katherine had hoped to have another child before the first one was born, so the birth of a second child was a long-awaited dream. The actor’s family is overjoyed to welcome their first grandchild.

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