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Which Tools Are Used In The Building Construction?


Construction tools play an important role in any construction project, as they provide a good finish and ease of work by minimizing human activity. There are different types of construction tools and equipment used in construction.

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Tools List for Building Construction

Here are some important build tools and how to use them:

  1. Concrete Mixer:

Mixer Concrete is a machine that mixes water ingredients, fine aggregate, solid aggregate, and cement to deliver well-mixed concrete.

  1. Drill Machine:

A Piercing machine is used to make holes in walls, slabs, doors, window frames, etc.

  1.  Float:

Floating is made of wood used to smooth concrete. It consists of a handle on the top and a smooth wooden surface beneath it.

  1. Head Pan:

The head pan is made of steel used to lift the excavated soil or cement or concrete in the work area etc. It is widely used on construction sites.

  1. Hoe:

The plow is also used to dig the soil, but this time, the metal plate is given a sharp angle to the wooden handle.

  1.  Ladder:

A ladder is needed for construction work. Inspecting slab work, transporting goods to higher floors, painting walls, etc.

  1.  Measuring Box:

A measuring box is used to measure the amount of sand, and the set is used to make concrete. It is a fixed size; therefore, the amount does not always have to be measured. The standard size of the measuring box is 300mm X 300mm X 400mm (length x width x depth). The capacity of the measuring box is usually 1 Cubic Foot, which makes it easy to measure a concrete scale or a measure of mud.

  1. Measuring Tape:

Measurement tape is used to check the size, length, width of stone walls, foundation beds, trenches, etc.

  1. Polisher:

The Polisher is used to smooth the surface of tiles, woodworks, etc. The smoothness makes them shine, and the process is called polishing.

  1. Putty Knife:

The putty knife is used for the degree of dissolution of the putty and is used to reduce the degree of dissolution when it is too large.

  1. Earth rammer:

After excavation, the ground area may be uneven. A low-level earth rammer is used. It consists of a large square-shaped block at its end where the soil is directed.

  1.  Spade:

The spade is used to dig the soil for the foundation trenches etc. It consists of a metal plate at the end of a long wooden handle.

  1.  Trowel:

The trowel is used for lifting and applying cement mortar in small quantities. It is made of steel, and a wooden handle is provided for grip. Troll heads can be straight or bull-nosed.

  1. Wheelbarrow:

Wheelbarrow operates as a network company, usually with only one wheel, consisting of a plate attached to two handles and two legs. This wheelbarrow Tool is used to transport cement mortar or concrete or any other material. In some cases, it is used to measure the amount of material in an area where concrete is prepared.


Building materials have had their influence from ancient times to the present. Only tools were used for scraping, cutting, cutting, crucifying, and moving in ancient times. But as advances have been made in this era, construction tools are very new, very efficient, and require very few people.

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