Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day

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Happy Father’s Day

Undoubtedly there is no alternative of Father; the man of dignity, who is the cause of our existence; who sacrifice his desires to make us happy, the man of honor who done unrest struggles to comfort his family, the protective Shade who bears all troubles and difficulties upon him to save his family from complexities of life, who lonely fight the war of life to give his children a heavenly life. But it doesn’t mean that he didn’t taught his children the code of life, he taught his children each and everything to give them a safer way to spend a peaceful life.

[A DAD is someone who HOLDS you when you cry, SCOLDS you when you break the rules, SHINE with pride when you succeed and have FAITH in you even when you fail!]

to give him back his sacrifices by doing whatever we can until our last breath we take but We can’t ever able to give back.
We can’t ever repay his sacrifices by doing whatever we until last breath we take but couldn’t able to repay his struggles, his sacrifices, which he done for us, but we can pay tribute him by thinking him that after God’s mercy, he was the mercy for us. Gifts are not exactly alternates of our feelings to our father but it shows how much we love our father, how much we care our father. Father’s day is actually an [expressing day] a day when you show by actions how deeply relation you have with your father!
If your father is fond of literature study, then Books are the best choice. If he gets pleasure by travel place to place then give a chance of tourism. Give him a present with relevance to his conveyance is also an excellent option. Your  tech  gifts are also make him happy.  Your Present is whether it is about outfits, foot wears, fragrances, wrist-watches, or any other which you wish to give to your father as a gift to celebrate this lovely day as [feelings expressing Day]!
So let we Say, May Our Father live long!
Happy Father’s Day!

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